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terms and conditions

It is hereby agreed as follows

  1. Each Candidate has to register with in which all the fields will have to be filled
  2. Recruitment services are as detailed: The Service Provider will provide consultation service in resourcing and recruiting suitable candidates to the Institutions. The guidelines for recruitment and selection criteria will be specified by Institutions and the same will be followed to ensure that the candidate has a basic understanding of the position and meets the requirement and standards by thorough screening of professional background and personal interest.
  3. Concurrence: The Service Provider will obtain concurrence from all the prospective candidates about his/her interest in “Institution” and the position that is described to him/her by the Service Provider. Any known potential sources of conflict will be made known to the “Institution” by the Service Provider and waiver sought and obtained before the introduction.(ask sir)
  4. Information: The Service Provider will ensure that it provides correct information about the candidate from time to time and will not misinterpret any facts.
  5. Confidentiality
    • The Service Provider shall keep confidential or not, directly or indirectly, use, divulge, disclose, or deliver to any person except as authorized or required by its duties, or by law, any term in this Agreement or any information acquired by it in the course of the recruitment process or otherwise in its performance of this Agreement and which
    • The restrictions in this Clause shall continue to apply after the termination of this Agreement hereunder without limit in time but shall cease to apply to information or knowledge which may come into the public domain other than by breach of these provisions. The Service Provider acknowledges that any unauthorized use or disclosure of the confidential information may cause irreparable damage to “Institution” and their respective affiliates / business associates. If an unauthorized use or disclosure occurs, the Service Provider will immediately notify.
  6. No poaching: The Service Provider will not solicit or endeavor to entice away, in any manner whatsoever, any of Institutions for any employment opportunities. If there is a breach of trust, the contract may be terminated.
  7. Validity: Subject to the termination of this Agreement hereunder, this agreement shall run for a period of one (1) year from the date of this Agreement and thereafter shall be reviewed every year for renewal. During the term of this Agreement, either party may terminate this Agreement by giving to the other not less than Fifteen (15) days prior notice in writing.

In these the following expressions have the defined meanings for the given Terms.

  1. “Application” means an application for a job vacancy that has been registered with READ
  2. “CV Services” is a service which, if selected by, enables the job seeker to make his or her CV available to recruiters who have subscribed to receive CVs by email and/or to search for CVs in our database using various search criteria.
  3. “Jobs-By-Email” is a service which matches and sends job vacancies via email to job seekers who have subscribed to this service.
  4. “ Services” means free job finding tool and services made available via the Site including, without limitation and CV Services.

Agreement to Website General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The job seeker has read, understood and agrees to the Website General Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy which are deemed incorporated into these Terms.


  1. If the job seeker submits an Application, the agrees that:
    1. The job seeker has read and understood the requirements for the job vacancy;
    2. The information that the provides as part of the Application (including without limitation, in any CV) is a true and accurate reflection of the employment, education, experience and training and that the personal details are correct.
  2. If the submits any information in an Application that is found to be false, we reserve the right to deny the access to the site and its services.
  3. should note that applications are assessed by the relevant recruiter and all decisions relating to such applications are taken by the relevant recruiter and not by us. Accordingly, any request for information relating to Applications that have been made should be addressed to the recruiter directly.

Job Fair

  1. An Application submitted by the Candidate for demos and interviews, has to be authorized by Read pvt ltd.
  2. Entry is restricted only for registered applicants.
  3. Each candidate has to collect her/his respective slot information prior to demo session as per the requirement of the institutions.
  4. will not be responsible for demo failures.
  5. has the rights to distribute applications, written test sheets, resumes and other required details obtained from the candidates.
  6. Selection of these candidates will be done strictly on the basis of their performance through the process of demo, and the interview at the venue of the event.
  7. The Salary as agreed between the candidate and the Institute/School is final, and\READ will not arbitrate the negotiations.
  8. Candidates trying to influence the selection process by any means will be debarred from attending any further interviews by READ
  9. READ reserves the right to disqualify any candidate if found unethical/with wrong credentials/with legal cases under the Jurisdiction of the Union Government of India.
  10. Candidate will get a unique ID from READ and this is very essential for job fair. ID will be provided after enrolling.

Job Seekers

By registering to by Resume Posting / Submission of Resume / Resume Upload / Resume Managing you agree to the following terms,

  1. The resume/ insertion or information/data fed by the user can be updated by the user alone, free of cost.
  2. READ\ offers no guarantee nor warranties that there would be a satisfactory response or any response at all once the resume/ insertion or information/data is fed by the user.
  3.\READ neither guarantees nor offers any warranty about the credentials, bonafides, status or otherwise of the prospective employer/organization which downloads the resume/ insertion or information/data and uses it to contact the user.
  4. would not be held liable for loss of any data technical or otherwise, or of the resume/ insertion or information/data or particulars supplied by user beyond reasonable control including but not limited to civil unrest, Govt. policies, tampering of data by unauthorized persons like hackers, distributed denial of service attacks, virus attacks and natural calamities.
  5. It shall be sole prerogative and responsibility of the user to check the authenticity of all or any response received pursuant to the resume/ insertion or information/data being fed into the network system of by the user, for going out of station or in station for any job or interview. assumes no responsibility in respect thereof and expressly disclaims any liability for any act, deed or thing which the user may so do, pursuant to the receipt of the response, if any, to the resume/ insertion or information/ date being fed into the network system of Info Edge.
  6. Uploading of multiple resumes beyond a reasonable limit by the same individual, using the same or different accounts shall entitle to remove the Resumes without notice to the subscriber.
    1. This service is only meant for candidates looking for suitable jobs. Any usage with commercial intent is prohibited.
  7. reserves its right to reject and delete any resume/ insertion or information/data fed in by the user without assigning any reason.
  8. This service entitles the user alone i.e., the same person, to add modify or change the data/information fed in by him but does not entitle him/her to use the service to feed fresh insertion or information/data /resume of another person in place of the insertion or information/data already fed in by such user.
  9. has the right to make all such modifications/editing of resume in order to fit resume in its database.
  10. The subscriber shall be assigned a password (s) by to enable the subscriber to access all the information received through, but the sole responsibility of the safe custody of the password shall be that of the subscriber and shall not be responsible for data loss/theft of data/corruption of data or the wrong usage/misuse of the password and any damage or leak of information and its consequential usage by a third party. undertakes to take all reasonable precautions at its end to ensure that there is no leakage/misuse of the password granted to the subscriber.
  11. Although will make all possible efforts to adhere to these privacy settings, it will not be responsible for a resume being seen by a blocked user for any reason. For best privacy settings it is recommended that you do not allow your resume to be searched at all.
  12. The user represents that he/she is not a minor and is not under any legal or other disability which limits his/her ability to comply with these Terms or to install and use the services subscribed and purchased with minimal risk of harm to you or others. You further represent that you are not purchasing the products/services for resale to others and will not do so without prior written consent.
  13. On registration you agree to: a) Making your resume searchable to paying clients of READ Pvt. Ltd who subscribe to RESDEX (Resume Database Access). You may be contacted by subscribers of RESDEX via email, telephone and/or post. Receive job alerts (mails detailing jobs that match your profile as entered on via email.
  14. Jurisdiction for any disputes arising from and related to this contest shall be Mysore, India to the exclusion of all other courts.
  15. Disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as applicable

Resume Display

  1. The resume displayed can be updated by the subscriber alone free of cost.
  2. Through Resume Display service your resume is made available from the home page of and can be by freely accessed by anyone.
  3. Additionally, through this service your resume is also made a part of READ proprietary database, accessed only by Institutions/recruiter registered with us. Please log into your account and set the visibility of the resume as desired by you, here you can selectively block a Institutions/recruiter from accessing your resume.
  4. offers neither guarantee nor warranties that there would be a satisfactory response or any response at all once the resume is put on display.
  5. neither guarantees nor offers any warranty about the credentials of the prospective employer/organization which down loads the information and uses it to contact the prospective employee / visitor / user / subscriber.
  6. will commence providing services only after the registration process is complete.
  7. This subscription is not transferable i.e. it is for the same person throughout the period of subscription.
  8. The liability, if any, of is limited to the extent of the amount paid by the subscriber.
  9. The subscriber undertakes that the data/information provided by him is true and correct in all respects.
  10. All disputes arising out of the transactions between a user and READ Pvt Ltd will be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as applicable.

Resume Writing

  1. The subscriber shall certify that the information/data supplied by it to is accurate and correct.
  2. The subscriber shall give reasonable time to for writing of resumes.
  3. The subscriber must respond to the queries raised (sent by email) by within 7 days of such a query being raised failing which, shall stand absolved of all its obligation, if any.

Jobs on the Move

  1. By opting for this service you are agreeing to receive details of, on your mobile, till the tenure of the service.
  2. will try its utmost best to deliver all SMS sent, however, it does not take any responsibility for SMSes not delivered (which may be on account of phones being out of order, operator network problems, SIM not being used anymore etcetera). It does take the responsibility of the SMSes leaving its vendor SMS gateway.
  3. will not be responsible in any way for failure of any backend technology of SMS applications at the Operators end and resultant inability of a user to receive SMS.
  4. reserves the right to regulate number of SMSes sent out to a particular user in a single day.
  5. The service will be delivered on the mobile number provided at the time of purchase of the service, and will continue on the new number if changed by the user.
  6. If there are no jobs found matching the user's profile, an intimation SMS & email is sent to the user, on the 7th day and the user is asked for changing/editing his/her profile. Toolbar Terms and Conditions

  1. This service is provided by will be free of charge.
  2. This service is meant exclusively for individual and non commercial use. Any usage to the contrary for producing derivative works is strictly prohibited
  3. The logos and the marks used on and any downloads are the exclusive property of, which shall retain all rights, title and interest in these trademarks, copyrights, logos and other intellectual property rights
  4. The Privacy Policy of the website governs your use of the Toolbar
  5. reserves the right to restrict your access to without assigning any reason for the same.
  6. offers no guarantee or warranty whatsoever regarding the Toolbar.

Advertising Material

Part of the Site contains advertising/other material submitted to READ Pvt Ltd by third parties. Responsibility for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on the Site complies with applicable International and National law is exclusively on the advertisers and will not be responsible for any claim, error, omission or inaccuracy in advertising material. has the right to omit, suspend or change the position of any advertising material submitted for insertion. Acceptance of advertisements on the Site will be subjected to READ Pvt Ltd terms and conditions which are available on request.

Force Majeure shall have no liability to you for any interruption or delay in access to the Site irrespective of the cause.

Short listing

  1. agrees to provide the service to the subscriber only for the duration and the number of vacancies contracted for, to the best of its ability and shall in no way be held liable for any information received by the subscriber and it shall be the sole responsibility of the subscriber to check, authenticate and verify the information/response received at its own cost and expense.
  2. will make best efforts to use the parameters provided by the subscriber to short list, but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the short listing based on the parameters for selection as specified by the subscriber agrees to provide the service to the subscriber only for the duration contracted for to the best of its ability. reserves the right to change, withdraw, and terminate the scope and scale of service at any point of time, without any reason whatsoever.

Note: The terms in this agreement may be changed by any time. is free to offer its services to any client/prospective client without restriction.