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Kg to Pg Teachers Core – Career Expo 2021

An exclusive Virtual CAREER EXPO for TEACHERS and Teaching community through online.

Date: 13th September 2021 - 19th September 2021

Time: 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM


Intro to Career Expo 2021

A Special and unique programme developed in assistance to education sector towards teachers placement.

It is the first time in India that the virtual job fair has been organized exclusively for teachers and teaching community

A virtual career expo will be helpful to institutions with minimum expenses and maximum result.

Candidates demo and profile will reach all schools, who are participating in the event at zero expenses.

As everyone knows due to pandemic situation most of the institutions lost their core teachers. To fulfill the gap presents a unique programme i.e. Kg to Pg Teachers Core – Career Expo 2021.

It will be a platform that works entirely on an online mode. All the candidates will come to online mode and will give 3 minutes live demo in their prior scheduled time.

Management can opt right candidate depending upon their requirements on this demo version.

Participation of Schools & PU colleges of Karnataka

Schools of CBSE, ICSE, and State syllabus & PU Colleges of Bangalore,Mysore, Chamarajnagar, Hassan, Tumkur, Chitrdurga, Davangere, Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum, Bagalkot, Bellary, Shivamogga, Chikkamagalore, and Raichur

Enrollment Details of the Candidates

Upload your updated resume or CV in excel format which can be downloaded in our web

Enter your name, phone number and email id.

Once your resume is uploaded a unique id number will be generated.

Unique Id number is MANDATORY for demo sessions and candidate has to mention that ID in their logins in spite of names. Kindly note down the number for further activities.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”.

Candidates’ platform and preparations

Demo slot will be 3 minutes for each candidate

Each day will be dedicated to one subject. As per the candidate’s preference, they can attend career expo.

Candidates can give demo on their choice of District/s. Each district will be considered separate login. Login ID will vary for every subject and district.

They have to register before the event and collect unique ID

Without unique ID entry will be restricted.

Spot entry is not allowed.

Time slot will be given by, as per their time slot they should give demo.

If they miss their time slots candidate might be losing their opportunities. There is no other time slot for missed ones.

Each candidate has to give demo in allotted time for 3 minutes slot only. After 3 minutes it will be disconnected by organizer.

There is no extra slot for candidates in particular district.

If candidate misses their slot regarding network issues they can raise the request to organizer and organizer may give alternative options.

If candidate is eligible to teach multiple subjects, they can give demos as per their choice.

Candidates will get login ID prior to half an hour to get start event.

All candidates should participate in official dress only. Dress code is mandatory.

Eligibility Test

All management prefers written eligible test, those who gave eligibility test, will give weightage for their demo

Candidates can opt to give eligibility test by hand written format, which will be added benefit for selection procedure.

Candidates can take printouts of Eligibility test sheets at Then they should fill all fields in written format, Scan it and send it to

Subject Calendar

Guidelines to Demo

Each candidate can give demo through their mobile/ laptop / desktop as per their convenience.

Each candidate has to prepare their live demo sessions prior to the live sessions

They should prepare demo for 3 minutes as per their subject and as per their topics.

They should give demo based on 1st minute – Self introduction i.e., Name, Place, Qualification, Experience and teaching subjects, 2nd Minute – Presentation about their topic, 3rd Minute – Concluding the demo.

If candidate enters with unofficial way organizer can block their entry.

Candidate has to login the session prior to 15 minutes of their time slot.

Candidate has to make the arrangement for proper network areas otherwise it may leads to losing opportunities.

Camera should be focused in proper lighting, if any chances of taking assistance will be advantage to give a good demo.

Candidate can exhibit any activities / modules/ charts/ any teachings aids will be added to get best result.

Candidates should fill feedback form in given link after giving their demo. Link will be shared through SMS

After uploading feedback will be getting token number through SMS which is eligible for their recognitions

Candidate should mention unique ID for their logins in spite of their names.

If Unique ID is not visible admin can deny their entry.

We have uploaded one sample video of 3 minutes demo, its easy way to fallow the same.


Those who filled feedback forms are eligible for all our recognitions.

Each day Best 3 candidates will be awarded based on their presentation, communication, dressing, body language and teaching skills.

Cash rewards will be given to 3 candidates on lucky dip basis. Those who participated and gave demo successfully in the event are eligible for the lucky dip award.

Rs. 1000/- cash award will be given to selected 3 candidates.

Candidates will get free membership for, who are selected by the institutions.