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frequently asked questions

  • How old the company is?

    Company is established in the year 2009.

  • Do we get the job in preferred location?

    Yes, Selection is based on your performance.

  • Is the job guarantee?

    Yes, it depends on how you perform in the interview and based on your experience.

  • Is demo topic is of our choice?

    Yes, but you have to give demo in 3 minutes slot.

  • Can I give demo on any of 6 days?

    No, You have to give demo in pre scheduled time only.

  • If I get selected in demo round how to proceed further?

    As per the management requirement slot will be allotted for personal round of interview.

  • Do I have options to give demo for more than one subject?

    Yes, slot will be allotted for the different subjects.

  • Do I have option to give demo for both primary and secondary?

    Yes, you can with prior intimation.

  • What should I do if I get selected for more than one school?

    Choice is yours.

  • How many managements will be there in the demo room?

    Its depends on the subject, but your demo will be distributed to all participated schools.

  • How many schools are participating?

    Details will be intimated at the time of EXPO.

  • If we didn’t get the job during this event is there any alternative option?

    Yes, as per requirement from other than these managements we will revert.

  • On the day of event do I need to wait till the end of the day?

    You need to stay as per your time slot.

  • If I get selected in the demo will they issue appointment letter on the spot?

    No, based on this virtual demo you may be selected for next level of interview.

  • Will they fix the salary on spot itself?

    No, It’s purely after your personal interview.

  • If I am not satisfied with any of the selected management what’s the next procedure?

    We will refer you to other institutions.

  • Can you tell me a little bit about the different stages in the hiring process?

    As soon as the hiring process starts login to your id which will be provided to you prior a day, At your allotted time give your demo

  • How to prepare for a job fair?

    Pre-register for the event, Be prepared with the materials, Get ready for the interview

  • What additional skills / educational background do you prefer in a candidate?

    Any degree with good communication skill (fluency in language), Presenting skills, Thorough knowledge of the subject, Additional certification recognized by the particular university (optional)

  • How much salary I can expect from the schools if I get selected?

    Depends upon the school or management and university.

  • Do you offer any training or mentoring programs to help me perform well?

    Yes we do provide, we intimate periodically.